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Well we are in a flow, after yesterday’s review of the Centre of Excellence course, due to the research we were doing sure enough social media would highlight other courses that we might consider. So today, we will give you a thorough and honest opinion of the Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur Online Courses and tomorrow we will take a look at the courses offered by Shaw Academy.

As we are on the topic and our brain is already engaged then we may as well do some reviews of the products that social media adverts are enticing us towards. We promise that we will change tact after these two reviews and move onto other money making or saving opportunities.

Here at Potters Magical Money, we will always try to give concise honest reviews of all the products and services that we come across that could either make or save you money. As we are doing the research, our conclusions will be derived and therefore obviously some products and services that we review will not save or make you money.

Let’s get into it. Are the Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur Online Courses any good? Are they value for money? Or should you be looking at the alternatives on the market?


Name: Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing Course
Website: www.entrepreneur.com
Price: $39 (about £34) apparently discounted from $861 at the time of writing
Owners: “Voices of Marketing” and Greg Jeffries via Entrepreneur
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10


Entrepreneur Course Overview

Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing OverviewEntrepreneur offer a multitude of affiliate marketing courses on their store and it would literally take us weeks to review them all. But specifically for this review, we are going to concentrate on the one that come top of the list when you search their site for ‘affiliate’.

The course is entitled ‘The Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle’. The first yellow flag arrives by the fact that the very next course on the list has exactly the same title but is $10 cheaper. A little of research found that the second course is actually linked to courses offered by SkillSuccess, which we have already touched upon here at Potters Magical Money.

So, the Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle offered by Voices of Marketing and Greg Jeffries actually includes 8 courses, 288 lessons and 18.5 hours of content. Some individual courses included are titled ‘How to make your first dollar’, ‘Search Engine Optimisation’, ‘Email Marketing’, ‘Facebook Ads’ and ‘SEO Domination”. All the individual courses are of coursed based around affiliate marketing.


Who is the Entrepreneur Course For?

On reviewing the individual courses included within Entrepreneur’s Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle, we found that all but one of the courses was really for existing affiliate marketers.

The first individual course ‘How to make your first dollar with affiliate marketing’ is obviously aimed at beginners. The other courses are based on specific topics within affiliate marketing and therefore maybe useful on their own to existing affiliate marketers who wish to brush-up on that specific area.


Affiliate Marketing Course Content

Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing ContentThe Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle from Entrepreneur is split into 8 individual courses with 18.5hrs of content. The first course is specifically aimed at beginners, whilst the other courses concentrate on specific areas within affiliate marketing as follows:-

  • How to Make your First Dollar with Affiliate Marketing – covering aspects such as where to find affiliate offers to promote, and how to write effective ads.
  • Content Curation – giving ideas for your own websites, and explaining the tools needed to create your own site.
  • Search Engine Optimisation – learn how to use copy/paste to get more traffic with the siphon strategy and understand how to compile an SEO strategy using free tools.
  • Email Marketing – including how to write emails effectively, how to build an email list from scratch and using Convertkit for email marketing.
  • Facebook Ads – covering the essential features that Facebook offers and getting started with Facebook advertising campaigns.
  • Guide to Paid Traffic – introducing all the paid traffic sources including social media and revenue sharing sites and explaining the split-testing method.
  • SEO Affiliate Domination – introducing strategies for e-commerce, affiliate marketing and SEO, & video marketing.
  • Affiliate Launch-Jacking – covering ways to advertise online, how to pick offers to promote and writing effective content.


Entrepreneur Course Support

None that we could find. Absolute zero course support and the technical and customer service support reviews about the company Entrepreneur are so negative that you may as well consider that it offers absolutely zero support. SCAM ALERT!


Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing Course Price

On initial research around £34 for 288 lessons, doesn’t seem bad value, especially considering it is apparently discounted from around £800. Our discount offer was available for 5 days!

Upon completing our research, we wouldn’t part with a single penny for this course. It’s just not worth it!


Entrepreneur Pros and Cons


  • Apparent great discounts resulting in a cheap price
  • Related to a reputable Glossy Magazine Company
  • Content covers a lot of topics relating to affiliate marketing


  • Plenty of reviews suggesting serious billing and re-billing issues
  • Lack of quality control on content across all of Entrepreneur courses
  • Unstructured Content and repeated content across the independent courses
  • Poor quality content that could only be counted as an introduction to specific topics.
  • Dubious content that is not recommended by reputable affiliate marketers
  • Non-qualified and inexperienced tutors
  • Lack of technical or course support
  • Worthless certification


Our Opinion of the Entrepreneur Course

Entrepreneur Scam Alert

Well what can we say! Shocked is not the word! The more and more we researched the Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur Online Courses, the more we became horrified.


The sirens started going off once we spotted apparently around £800 worth of training material available for around £34. As the saying goes, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true. When you look at the initial overview of the bundle with the individual course titles, it doesn’t look too bad, but when you delve into it a little more the truth quickly becomes apparent.

As previously stated, Entrepreneur actually have two courses with the same title. The other Complete Affiliate Marketing Bundle is actually authored by Skill Success, who we have previously reviewed here on Potters Magical Money. Apart from this alone being a yellow flag, the fact that this bundle included an individual course titled ’21 Awesome Affiliate Programs’ set the sirens off so loudly that our ears were buzzing for hours.

Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing ProgramsTo have a course valued at $199 offering ’21 Awesome Affiliate Programs’ is just absolutely bizarre. Affiliate networks offer tens of thousands of affiliate programs with their information which can be filtered for free. Experience affiliate marketing bloggers will point you to affiliate marketing programs for your specific niche for free. And there are many more ways to get free information on affiliate programs. Who in their right mind would ever consider a list of 21 programs being worth $199?, The likelihood that even one of those programs would match your niche is less than one in a thousand.


Still looking at Entrepreneur as a whole, they have some many reviews that are just so awful it is worrying and disconcerting. Considering the company produces a well-established glossy magazine available in any newsagent, I would have expected so much more. Regular complaints of shoddy customer service and dodgy billing issues are so common that they just have to be true. Even the positive reviews are so obviously fake or incentivised reviews.

When you delve deeper are start looking at the bundle and each of the actual individual course contents, it doesn’t get any better. Additionally, looking at the tutors install you with no-confidence at all.

The first course tutor, John Shea from Voices of Marketing, is “an entrepreneur, gamer, podcaster, metal music fanatic, and enjoys blogging in his free time”. Whilst the tutor for the rest of the courses, Greg Jeffries, has “a strong fine arts background with a passion for marketing. He’s been involved in Internet marketing for over six years now”.

Neither of the tutors have any stated qualification, and personally with that experience, I wouldn’t trust either of them to teach me how to tie my shoelaces, never mind such a technical and detailed subject such as Affiliate marketing.

The fourth and fifth courses contain what is obviously duplicate content on Facebook advertising, and the first and the eighth course duplicate each other on writing content for websites.

The third course actually concentrates on hijacking content from other websites to create your own website. Apart from being unethical, this is actually unproductive in producing true SEO (Search Engine Optimised) based content.

Entrepreneur Scam AlertIn regard to the quality of course content, we wouldn’t trust any of it and this is emphasised by the seventh course which promises to teach you SEO domination in 58 lessons over 2 hours. That’s an average of around 2 minutes per lesson. What can you learn in 2 minutes?


Finally to finish off our opinion, there is no apparent technical or course support and the certification you get is just pointless. You may as well just throw the certificate and what money you have paid for the course straight into the fire.


Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing Course at a Glance

Name: Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing Course
Website: www.entrepreneur.com
Price: $39 (about £34) apparently discounted from $861 at the time of writing
Owners: “Voices of Marketing” and Greg Jeffries via Entrepreneur
Overall Rank: 1 out of 10


Our Verdict:

Entrepreneur Negative ReviewAs the rather crude saying goes, I wouldn’t touch it with anyone else’s. Keep your money in your wallet and certainly do not let your credit card even have a sniff of the Entrepreneur store.

At Potters Magical Money we always try to give you honest reviews and will not cut any corners. Which to be fair is why we ranted quite a bit over this course. The further we delved with the research, the angrier we got. We take pride in only recommending products and services that either have reputable genuine good reviews or that we have personally tried ourselves.

If your looking for a genuine structured training course on affiliate marketing then take a look at our review on the Centre of Excellence courses, but if you want an all singing and all dancing solution to affiliate marketing then please consider our number one choice for Affiliate Marketing training, hosting and support, Wealthy Affiliate.


10 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing Entrepreneur Online Courses

  1. I think as I was reading this blog, the thoughts going through my head were, “Really?…  Really???….  NO WAY!, REALLY!!!!”  Thank you for doing such in-depth sleuthing on this horrible products.  Basically, they’ve scammed their own courses from other people’s work and then they show their students how to do so.  Unethical is as unethical does but then they TEACH it.  Aaaaarrrggghhhh  (That would be me running screaming from this platform!)  Thank you for all of your obvious efforts to sniff all of the BS out!  I’m most certainly glad I read it and cannot agree enough with your MUCH better options at the end.

    1. Thank you for your reply.

      To be honest , whilst reviewing this so called affiliate marketing training course I got that angry and frustrated , I nearly stopped half-way through and posted nothing.

      I certainly will not be reviewing any other training courses offered by Entrepreneur, I don’t think my heart could take it.

  2. I’m having some issues with WordPress and placing images in the right spots in my articles and would realy like some insight on the best ways to place an image in the exact spot I want it to be showing a step by step process in some cases for my digital products if you have any suggestions I’d love to know 

    1. Hmmmm

      I think you may have been multi-tasking here as your comment has absolutely nothing to do with my article…. Lol  

      But as it happens, I do have some experience with wordpress, so if you’d like to email me with some screenshots here at Potters Magical Money, I will do my best to advise.

      Good luck Sir!

  3. It looks like a lot of people got taken with the Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing Course. When you have a lot of reviews letting people know the service is non-existent with neither instructor having the proper credentials, and you couple that up with the discount you stated above, well, it’s a no brainer, I wouldn’t look at this course.

    Have the instructors sold other courses with similar reviews?

    Thanks for the information.

    1. Too right Bob!

      and unfortunately YES. The instructors have sold other courses as far I can see. As I stated this course is actually a bundle and they have managed to also sell the individual courses separately. I just feel sorry for the poor souls that have parted with their money. Hopefully others will heed the advice and guidance I have posted here.

  4. Hi Lawrence. Thank you for your details review. There are too many online courses and programs out there and can get lose don’t know which to go for as everyone will definitely said theirs is the best! Really need a honest details review like yours to help people to make a better decision.

    1. Thank you for comments, they are much appreciated

      Here at Potters Magical Money, honesty is at the forefront of our thinking. Whilst We will be affiliated with some products that we recommend, those that are unethical etc will definitely not get our stamp of approval.

      In this way we hope to build a reputation based on trust and honesty. We will always try to be truthful with every review we do. But as we are human, I’m sure occasionally we will make mistakes and therefore we need and want people to come back to us with comments of encouragement or criticism.

      Thank you again.

  5. Hi Lawrence,

    This is a very honest and insightful review. I’ve not tried any online courses from Entrepreneur before, and to be honest, I don’t think I’m going to look at any of them.

    A discount from £800 to £34? That tells me that the course cannot be that good straight away. Obviously not many have been taking the course, so they are clutching at straws to sell some.

    The fact that you say you were horrified also tells me that I should run away from this course and try something different.

    Thank you again for your very honest, and informative review. Keep up the great work, and keep up the great site.

    All the best to you,


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