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We are taking the opportunity to produce a detailed Boots Online Pharmacy Review, following our recent article on the NHS prescription deliveries and giving an overview of 7 online pharmacies.

Hopefully we can give you a full description of the online services offered by the Boots Online Pharmacy, including the NHS prescription delivery service which is particularly relevant during 2020 and the Covid pandemic.

Here at Potters Magical Money, we attempt to give full, honest reviews. Therefore we will detail what the Boots Online Pharmacy are offering, specifically concentrating on any money saving opportunities. We recognised the NHS prescription delivery service is in more demand during the Coronavirus pandemic and therefore we have selected companies that are offering this service for a detailed review.

We have split down the review into the following categories:-


Boots Online Pharmacy Overview

Boots Online Prescription Services Overview

Pharmacy Name:- Boots Online Pharmacy

Boots Online Pharmacy Prescription Delivery Service Rating:- 5 out of 10

Boots Online Pharmacy Website and App Rating:– 5 out of 10

Boots Online Pharmacy Online Doctor Rating: – 5 out of 10

Boots Online Pharmacy Additional Services Rating :- 8 out of 10

Value for Money:- 7 out of 10

Our Normal Rating:- 6 out of 10

Coronavirus Management Deductions: – 3 out of 3

Our Coronavirus Overall Rating:- 3 out of 10


Boots Online Pharmacy Prescription Delivery Service

Boots Online Pharmacy’s Prescription Delivery Service is initially confusing to navigate and very disjointed and awkward. Once you actually find the correct place within the website then it becomes easy to use with a simple step-by-step by process.

Boots Online Prescription Service

One of the quirks of the Boots Online prescription service, is that if you have a new prescription you cannot advise your medical professional (GP or Consultant) to send it directly to the Boots Online Pharmacy. You can however request that your new prescription is sent to a local Boots pharmacy, but by following this path you end up paying for delivery.

If you are requiring a repeat prescription you can use the Boots Online Pharmacy online registration service to advise them of your GP details and the medication you require and then they will do the rest for you.

Boots Online Pharmacy are a UK based pharmacist that everyone in the UK knows. They used to be known as Boots the chemist, but since branching-out into a wide range of products and services they rebranded simply as Boots. In general, they are known for offering good quality products and a friendly service.

Once you are registered for repeat prescriptions, you can request to receive regular reminders for each medication that you have been prescribed.

Boots Online Pharmacy do deliver all medication in discreet packaging. Their delivery times are pretty bad to be honest. They state that it can take up to 13 days for it to be delivered to a home address, this is despite using the Royal Mail Special Delivery service, which should only take 48 hours.

If you choose to use a local Boots pharmacy prescription delivery service then it can be considerably quicker, because they use local delivery drivers, but please note that this delivery service is not free.


Boots Online Pharmacy Online Website and App Review

For a company with such a great reputation and a long-standing history, we would have expected a much more friendly online service. You can get where you need to be eventually, but it was 15 minutes into my research before I actually found out they have a Boots online pharmacy app. This is because the website is so disjointed and awkward to navigate. At least, the website is mobile-friendly!

The biggest problem with the website is the top-level categorisation is very poor and in some areas the sub-categorisation is just as bad. The search function can also be frustrating as it can automatically divert you to what it believes you want rather than give you options.

Whilst the home page is splattered with adverts, this is not the case when you navigate around the site. You do not get distracted from what you want to read etc.

As we previously stated the Boots Online Pharmacy also have an App specifically for the online NHS repeat prescription service, But this is completely separate to their standard Boots app which also offers prescription service supplied by the local stores. Both apps are decent and easy to use.


Boots Online Pharmacy Online Clinic Service

Unfortunately, the Boots Online Pharmacy clinic service typifies the rest of the website in it’s disjointed navigation. This is because they actually offer 3 completely different services and it can be confusing which one you actually need.

The online clinic is similar to the service offered by other pharmacies but actually quite limited with the health conditions that it covers. It is combined with the online pharmacy and is split into categories based on your condition.

  • Acne
  • Men’s Sexual Health (split into two different clinics)
  • Women’s Health
  • Malaria Prevention
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Hair Loss

As a well-known high-street pharmacy you can be confident that their clinicians can be trusted.

The service is good if you want to save time or embarrassment and you don’t need to visit a GP. The Boots Online Pharmacy clinician prescribes the medication.

Boots Online Clinic

It is secure and confidential and all Online Clinic orders have free delivery.


The GP Online Services is a free service connected with the online pharmacy. It allows you to manage your local GP appointments online. i.e. book or cancel an appointment. Please note, you still have to physically attend the appointment.

The Online GP Service is a charged for service supplied by Livi through Boots. This allows you to have an online video appointment with one of the Livi GPs. Please note the similar name to the previous service mentioned.


Boots Online Pharmacy Additional Services

The Boots Online Pharmacy range of additional services is very comprehensive. They offer far much more than the average high-street pharmacy.

On the health side they have specific areas of their website offering the following services :-

  • NHS Services, such as new medicine reviews
  • Travel Vaccinations
  • Sexual Health Vaccinations
  • Opticians
  • Hearing Care

In addition they also offer non-health related services such as :-

  • Beauty Appointments
  • Photo Printing
  • Dental and Travel Insurance

Boots Online Shopping

As for online shopping, Boots offer an extensive range of products alongside the standard pharmacy products. The website covers categories such as :-

  • Mother and Baby
  • Beauty and Skin Care
  • Fragrances
  • Toiletries
  • Wellness
  • Electrical Products
  • Holiday and Sun
  • Photos
  • Opticians
  • Gifts

Any orders over £30 come with free standard delivery or for under £30 you can use their click and collect service and collect from a local store for free.


Boots Online Pharmacy Coronavirus Service Issues

One of the biggest issues with the Boots Online Pharmacy has been it’s ability to cope with the Coronavirus pandemic. It really hasn’t managed it very well and has definitely struggled.

Boots have limited it’s online prescription delivery service to a selected number of customers per day and it is reporting delays of up to 5 days on their already poor delivery service.

Most of their other services such as the in-store health checks and Beauty Treatments have also been suspended.


Boots Online Pharmacy Conclusions

Boots Online Pharmacy Review

With a very disappointing website and delivery service, it is very difficult for us to recommend Boots. This is despite them offering a lot of quality products and some decent services.

Unfortunately the Boots online prescription service is just not up to scratch. They have had lots of complaints during Coronavirus and it really doesn’t look like their service was much better before the pandemic.

Covid-19 has definitely had an impact on the delivery service offered by Boots, but it wasn’t really that impressive originally.

As for their Customers reviews on TrustPilot, they are worryingly bad. With Boots being renowned for quality products and service, we were expecting so much more. The reviews seem to generally about specific stores but their online service doesn’t fair much better.

In regard to shopping, the quality of products is not in question but Boots are a little more expensive than the norm. However, they do have some great offers available throughout the year.

Potters Magical Money always attempts to deliver thorough and honest reviews. Our conclusion is that Boots Online Pharmacy is not really one of the best. Whilst we are happy to recommend Boots for their quality products, their online services just do not come up to the standard that you would expect. At this moment in time we are not affiliated with Boots.

The fact is that Boots Online Pharmacy is still a genuine money saving opportunity, despite its flaws. However, we suggest you take a look at the alternatives and hence please read our article covering 7 pharmacies who provide NHS prescription delivery services.

Of course, Potters Magical Money is not just about saving money. We also like to help our readers to make money, if possible. Why not take a look at our recommended number one business opportunity. You could start it today even during lockdown!

What do you think of our review on the Boots Online Pharmacy? Do you have any questions? Please comment or ask away below. Alternatively, why not get in touch with us via email or on social media?

16 thoughts on “Boots Online Pharmacy Review

  1. Thank you for your Boots online Pharmacy review. Sometimes, as you said, it seems easy to order things online, instead of asking for embarrassing things straight at the pharmacy, but still, you need to be careful with ordering medical stuff online. I have learned this the hard way by ordering a device to measure my oxygen. It took forever to get it at home and it was only when I asked my money back through Paypal, that they finally send it my way. Thank you for pointing me to the right kind of online business that offer better services.

    1. Thanks for your comments Lizzy. I’m glad you got sorted eventually! Unfortunately even in what we would consider professional businesses, there is sharks and bad customer service.

  2. Thanks for this Boots Online Pharmacy Review. The starting point and mission are basically great, but as I read in your article, they have two big hurdles – an opaque website and several days of delivery. If they could improve that – make the website more user-friendly and ensure faster delivery, they would be winners. Which could be achieved in a relatively short time if there was an interest in it.
    It was really interesting to read this article. We do not have such a service.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Thank you for your comments Nina! You are so right that in theory the issues they have are actually quite easy to fix. I found it quite surprising that the Boots Online pharmacy had these issues considering their long-standing high-street reputation. Hopefully they will sort themselves out!

  3. I used to live in London many years ago and I remember often going to Boots, not so much for medicine, but mostly for other products. They always gave a friendly customer service.
    It’s a little surprising to read that their online and delivery service is doing so badly, especially their delivery service. If you order certain medicines, you cannot wait 5 days or even more … you need them right away, so I can imagine that many people are unhappy with Boots’ services. It’s a pity, because – as you said – they do have nice quality products.
    I think that during coronavirus pharmacies are simply overwhelmed and maybe even understaffed for the high demands, and they probably have a hard time keeping up, which unfortunately impacts Boots’ reviews on Trust Pilot even worse …

    1. Hi Christine, I too was surprised that the Boots Online pharmacy was so bad. Boots are over 150 years old and have a great tradition on the high-street throughout the UK. Their online site and delivery service needs to reflect this.

  4. Hey,

    This is such an important article and review. I am in London and we have now been locked down even further, and it is difficult to get to places. Especially the pharmacy because I have epilepsy and I need to get my prescriptions. I was using the boots online site and I agree that it is not the most user friendly site. It needs to be improved and I hope they come across your review too, and I hope a lot of other people do too and comment.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for your comments Tom. I totally agree with you, it is disappointing that the Boots online site is so non-user-friendly and it needs to be improved. Let’s hope they do something about it!

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Boots. We live in Dublin and have in fact used Boots online here a few times of late given the restrictions. We mainly buy the non-prescription products which are good quality as you rightly mention but the navigation menus are definitely challenging. I’m not sure how ‘normal’ things will go back to but there aren’t really many excuses for large retailers when it comes to having a quality e-commerce platform. I’m sure they’ll make the investment but I dare say that many others will also need to up the ante as well.

    1. Hi Jason, Thank you for your comments! You are right, there really is no excuse for a top high-street large retailer not to have a top online website and/or app. The Boots Online Pharmacy and website were very disappointing. The very poor navigation menus were so frustrating that you just wanted to somewhere else!

      Hopefully Boots will step-up and make the necessary improvements!

  6. Thank you very much for this review. I have always preview getting all these things online than getting some stupid questions in the pharmacy. I am very grateful for getting to know legit platforms and online pharmarcy because some online shops are scams and some products might take forever before it got delivered. One always have to be careful. Keep up the good work Lawrence

    1. Thank you for comments!  I agree that we need to be careful when selecting online services. I am not suggesting that Boots Online pharmacy is a scam but your are right there are scams in the industry. There delivery service is just not upto scratch!

  7. Hello there! Well I have got to give it to you for this in-depth review on Boots online pharmacy review. Love your honesty. While reading through this, It is easy to see Boots pharmacy have quite a lot to offer. However It is sad to see their website and delivery service is bad. Wish they could improve on that asap.

    1. Thanks you for your comments Josh! We always try to be honest and give detailed reviews here at Potters Magical Money and we believe we have delivered a straight direct review of the Boots online pharmacy, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the service. It is sad and I too, also hope that Boots will make the required improvements as soon as possible.

  8. Hi Lawrence.

    Thank you so much for writing this brief and honest boot online pharmacy review.

    It’s such a shame to hear about their failure in providing online services, given their good reputation when it comes to pharmaceuticals. They could have gained even more fame as the need for online services is on the increase, more so here (in the UK) due to the lockdown restrictions. We can’t always go to the high street for every little thing, so online delivery options are becoming important.

    Let’s hope they can fix this feature in the near future.


    1. Hi Femi, Thank you for your reply! I totally agree with you and really do hope that Boots do fix their online services in the future. It really is a shame that they are just not achieving the grade!

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