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As a follow-up to our recent articles the best 7 online pharmacies and the NHS prescription delivery service, we wanted to take the opportunity to produce a detailed Chemist 4 U Review.

We intend to give you a thorough description of the online services offered by the Chemist 4 U pharmacy, including the NHS prescription delivery service.

Potters Magical Money hopes to give you a full and honest reviews of the services that the Chemist 4 U Pharmacy are offering, concentrating, of course, on money saving opportunities. We realised the NHS prescription delivery service is very relevant at this time, due to the Coronavirus Situation. Therefore, we have picked out companies that are offering this service for a comprehensive review.

The Chemist 4 U review is split down as follows:-


Chemist 4 U Overview

Chemist 4 U Pharmacy

Pharmacy Name:- Chemist 4 U

Chemist 4 U Prescription Delivery Service Rating:- 9 out of 10

Chemist 4 U Website and App Rating:– 9 out of 10

Chemist 4 U Ask the Pharmacy Rating: – 7 out of 10

Chemist 4 U Additional Services Rating :- 7.5 out of 10

Value for Money:- 7.5 out of 10

Our Normal Rating:- 8 out of 10


Coronavirus Management Deductions: – 0 out of 3

Our Coronavirus Overall Rating:- 8 out of 10


Chemist 4 U Prescription Delivery Service

Chemist 4 U’s Prescription Delivery Service is very simple to use and very efficient and effective.

For new prescriptions, you simply register with Chemist 4 U and then advise your medical professional (GP or Consultant) to send it to Chemist 4 U online pharmacy.
Chemist 4 U Prescriptions
When requiring repeat prescriptions for the first time, you can use the Chemist 4 U online registration service to advise them of your GP details and the medication you require and then they will do the rest for you. The second and third time etc is even easier.

Chemist 4 U are a UK based pharmacist. They even give you a link to the individual pharmacist that is on duty on the particular day that your are ordering etc.

As soon as you have used their prescription service once, you will receive free reminders for follow-on repeat prescriptions.

Chemist 4 U delivers all medication in discreet packaging and dispatch all orders on the day they receive the confirmation from the GP or medical professional. They use Royal Mail Special Delivery and guarantee you will receive the item within 2 working days.


Chemist 4 U Online Website and App Review

Chemist 4 U WebsiteThe Chemist 4 U website is very simply laid out. Despite offering plenty of services, everything is easy to find through a simple navigation system. The website is reasonably mobile friendly, but not the greatest!

The website is split down into categories very well, but the search function only searches the store rather than all the articles.

Adverts on the website are kept to a minimum, with the simply lay-out shining through!

Chemist 4 U also have a great simple to use App specifically for the NHS prescription service. The app is very useful for ordering repeat prescriptions and getting reminders etc.


Chemist 4 U Ask the Pharmacy Service

Chemist 4 U offer a simple but effective Ask the Pharmacy service.

The service is accessed through their homepage and the works through email communication.

They have always got a pharmacist online and accessible. I say always, I would assume that this is only during opening hours and I wouldn’t expect a 24/7 service.

As with a walk-in pharmacist, you can literally ask any question. So the Ask the Pharmacy is as flexible as you need.

It is perfect if you want to save time and embarrassment because you don’t need to visit a GP or see anyone face to face. With it being email, you can be satisfied that it is reasonably secure and confidential.

Whatever the pharmacist suggests can be ordered through their online shop with the standard shop delivery terms and conditions.

Whilst the Ask the Pharmacy service is basic and not dressed up with any frills, it certainly is effective and does the job.


Chemist 4 U Additional Services

Chemist 4 U have a range of additional services that is actually quite good. A little more than your standard high-street pharmacy and good-value.

In the health categories of their website, they cover:-

  • Embarrassing Conditions
  • Sexual Wellbeing
  • Vitamins
  • Dental Care
  • Baby & Toddler
  • Pet Care

Chemist 4 U Baby and Toddler
They have a decent range of personal care products covering such areas as :-

  • Cosmetics
  • Fragrances for Him and Her
  • Toiletries
  • Hair Care
  • Skin Care

The biggest bonus with Chemist 4 U is their prices. They certainly seem very competitive with a high-street or other online service. I would almost go as far as saying they are generally cheaper!

Orders over £30 comes with free standard delivery, whilst order under £30 have a reasonable charge of only £2.95.

Chemist 4 U Coronavirus Service Issues

Chemist 4 U actually make the bold claim that they are not affected by Coronavirus, apart from Royal Mail services.

This is pretty impressive and on the whole seems to be true. The only thing we found was they were out of stock on several of their special offers. This could be due to Coronavirus or could simply be an out-of-date website. Personally, I would prefer the honest out-of-stock message upfront than having problems with deliveries etc though.


Chemist 4 U Conclusions

Chemist 4 U Positive ReviewWe had not come across Chemist 4 U until we undertook the initial review. We have to say we are impressed. Their product range is very good and great value.

The Chemist 4 U online prescription service and ‘Ask the Pharmacy’ Service is very easy to use. You can’t really ask for more!

Coronavirus has had virtually no impact on the online service. Wow! Their standard practice of dispatching orders on the day of your order or the day that your GP approves your prescription is first-class.

The customer reviews on TrustPilot are good to excellent, maybe slightly too good to be true?

Here at Potters Magical Money, we always attempt to give detailed and honest reviews. We hope that we have managed it here with our review of the Chemist 4 U Online Pharmacy. We believe that Chemist 4 u is up their with the best online pharmacies on the market. We are very happy to recommend Chemist 4 U and have therefore applied to be affiliated with them.

As always, we have reviewed Chemist 4 U has a real money saving opportunity, but if you want to take a look at the alternatives available to you, please take a look at the 7 pharmacies overview post, all of which provide NHS prescription delivery services.

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Do you want to express an opinion on Chemist 4 U or Potters Magical Money? Do you have a question for us? Feel free to comment or ask away below. Or get in touch with us on social media, maybe?

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