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We have recently published a couple of posts on the NHS prescription deliveries and some (7) relevant online pharmacies, that offer the service. We are now taking the chance expand on that detail and give you a comprehensive Dr Fox Pharmacy Review.

We will hopefully provide you with a thorough review of the online services offered by the Dr Fox company, not least being the free NHS prescription delivery service.

We, at Potters Magical Money, always want to give you an honest detailed review. Whilst researching the Dr Fox services we will obviously specifically concentrate on any money saving possibilities. The free NHS prescription delivery service is particularly relevant at this time of the Covid-19 pandemic and therefore we have identified companies that are offering this service for a comprehensive review.

The Dr Fox review is split into the following categories:-


Dr Fox Overview

Dr Fox Online Doctor

Pharmacy Name:- Dr Fox

Dr Fox Prescription Delivery Service Rating:- 3 out of 10

Dr Fox Website and App Rating:– 5 out of 10

Dr Fox Online Doctor Rating: – 8 out of 10

Value for Money:- 6 out of 10

Our Normal Rating:- 5.5 out of 10


Coronavirus Management Deductions: – 1 out of 3

Our CoronaVirus Overall Rating:- 4.5 out of 10


Dr Fox Prescription Delivery Service

Dr Fox PrescriptionsDr Fox’s Prescription Delivery Service is not online!

For new and repeat prescriptions you need to contact them by telephone.

But on saying that we have to remember that Dr Fox are a UK based company with a good reputation of offering a value-for-money service and products.


Dr Fox do deliver all medication in discreet packaging. They dispatch all orders on the day (or the next day) they receive the order and use Royal Mail Special Delivery for a fast efficient service. The delivery service is free for NHS prescriptions.

Dr Fox Online Website and App Review

Dr Fox WebsiteThe Dr Fox site website is solely centred on offering an online doctors service. In this way it is actually very good.

When we did our initial overview of the Dr Fox website, we had problems displaying the site. We have had no such issues whilst undertaking this detailed review. The site has been very responsive both on the laptop using broadband and on the mobile using 3G/4G.

The website is categorised very well and has a very comprehensive search function. It really is very easy to navigate and find what you want and the website is very mobile friendly.

With a simple layout, not distracted by adverts, you can find conditions, excellent treatment advice, and medicines with relative ease.


Dr Fox Online Doctor Service

Dr Fox are very well-known online and have a good reputation. They are owned and manged by UK GP’s and use UK pharmacies.

They offer an online doctor service that is first-rate. They only offer prescription medicines and not over-the counter medicines. Therefore, for each order you will be required to use the online doctor service and submit medical information by answering their questionnaire.

Covering over 25 conditions in areas such as :-

  • Men’s Health
  • Women’s Health
  • Sexual Health
  • Travel Health
  • Quitting Smoking
  • Acne and much more

Dr Fox Online Doctor Process

The service is perfect if you want to save time or embarrassment. You don’t need to visit a GP. The Dr Fox doctors prescribe the medication and then Dr Fox use local pharmacies to distribute the medication.

The service is secure and confidential and all Online Doctor orders have a small delivery charge of £2.90.


Dr Fox Coronavirus Service Issues

The slight issue that Dr Fox has been up-front about been in its ability to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, is a 3-day delay in deliveries. It claims that this is mainly down to Royal Mail, although we suspect it may be due to the way they source the relevant pharmacies.

It has also suspended its supply of any travel medication.


Dr Fox Conclusions

Dr Fox Mediocre ReviewDuring the initial review of Dr Fox service is was quite difficult to fully assess the website and service, due to them having technical issues. But during this review we have been able to fully review the site and the service.

Dr Fox has some excellent reviews from customers on both TrustPilot and TrustedShops and this is mainly down to the excellent Online Doctor service. With the service being managed and owned by GPs they are able to quickly and efficiently get private prescriptions sorted and then passed onto their network of local pharmacies.

Whilst Dr Fox claim to offer great discounts on their products, this is really because they compare them to the NHS prescription prices. Our own checks on their prices compared to their competitors came up with a very varied set of results. Whilst some of their well-known products are considerably cheaper, others are far more expensive. We suspect this is due to it being difficult to set specific prices with them having a network of individual pharmacies all with their own prices.

Coronavirus has had minimal effect on Dr Fox and they have proudly battled on. With a normal fast efficient delivery service Dr Fox are certainly worth having a good look at, depending upon which condition you are trying to get medication for.

Potters Magical Money, as always, have tried to give a detailed honest review of the Dr Fox Pharmacy. Our conclusion is that the service is worth considering but there are better options available. We will quite happily recommend the Dr Fox service and as such have become affiliated with them.

Free NHS prescription delivery services are definitely a money saving opportunity and should be considered. Feel free to take a look the other options available to you in our overview of the 7 pharmacies.

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Please get in touch with us on social media or feel free to comment or ask questions below. We are always willing to listen and respond if you have an opinion or question on Dr Fox, Potters Magical Money or any money matters.

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