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Following our post on how to lower your bills during lockdown, we thought we would address the quickest way to cancel a TV License as a follow-up and hopefully save you some money immediately.

After the lockdown is lifted, we will address the full and official method for canceling your license, but in these strange times it actually works out more convenient to implement a quick fix and start saving money immediately.

Here at Potters Magical Money we will always attempt to give you sound advice, but obviously the final decision on whether you take that advice is completely down to you. We personally believe that canceling your license is a great and immediate opportunity for every household to save over £150 per year.

So let’s get on with it. Here is how to quickly cancel your TV license and save yourself a few pounds.


Why Cancel a TV license?

Whilst CoronaVirus is having its devastating effect on the world, one of the symptoms that is effecting the majority of us is the additional financial pressures. Hence, it is clear we must consider tightening our belts and finding opportunities to save money. Canceling your TV license is one of those opportunities, but saving money is not the only reason to cancel your license.

Cancelyourlicense.co.uk is one of Potters Magical Money’s sister sites and is running a campaign to get as many people as possible to cancel their TV license. The reasons for that campaign are explained in far more detail on that site, but below is a brief summary.

BBC Biased News

  • Saving Money – An opportunity to save over £150 a year.
  • Low Quality TV Programs – The BBC standard of programs has rapidly diminished in recent years.
  • Biased News – The BBC news channel is continually not living up to to its mission of supplying an impartial public broadcasting service.
  • Wastage Our Money – A large proportion of the TV license money is being wasted by the BBC.
  • A Hidden Tax – The majority of people consider the TV license has near enough mandatory in today’s world.
  • No Free License for the Over 75s – The plans are afoot to cancel the free license for our elderly.
  • Money into Money – Several sections of the BBC corporation are already private limited companies making a massive profit on a yearly basis.

Should you not agree with all the reasons that are mentioned above, but simply want to save yourselves some money then canceling your license will make a difference to your wallet, purse or bank account.


Step by Step Video Instructions

Please feel free to take a look at our video instructions on how to cancel your license. The video was compiled whilst doing our research, but in truth actually contains way too much information for the actually steps you need to take to quickly cancel your TV license.

In addition, this was our first ever video guide produced, so please be kind with us. Lawrence is from the midlands and his accent certainly comes through.

Any problems with the video, let us know by commenting at the bottom of this post or email us directly.


Cancel a License Quickly

As we said, the video is a bit long-winded. The fact is to cancel your TV license you simply have to follow these steps, depending upon your current circumstances :-

  • For cash or bank transfer payers of the TV license. – Simply stop paying. Don’t pay your next payment.
  • For payment card payers. – Again stop paying. Don’t bother making your next payment.
  • For those paying by direct debit, contact your bank either online or directly via telephone etc and cancel the direct debit.

That simple! We do however suggest that you follow this additional advice to ensure everything is done officially after the lockdown is lifted.

  1. Note the date that your are canceling your license, you may need it in communications after.
  2. Investigate the rules of what you are allowed to do with or without a license. We think you will be quite surprised at the amount of services that are still available to you after you have canceled your license. Our sister site cancelyourlicense.co.uk has a full breakdown of the rules, explained very well.
  3. Set yourself a reminder to sort the license out officially once the lockdown is lifted.
  4. Take absolutely no notice of any postal or email reminders. If you are following the rules (see step 2) you have absolutely nothing to be concerned about.
  5. Finally sort your canceling of your license officially, once the lockdown is lifted.
  6. Consider applying for a refund of monies already paid for services not received. i.e. if you originally paid for a full year up front, but have canceled after only a few months then a refund may well be worth it.


Why is it so Easy?

Remember, the TV license is not mandatory. It is your choice to whether you have one or not! The fact is if you follow the rules, when you don’t have a license, you cannot get into any trouble at all. It is only peer pressure that suggests that we need a TV license. Lockdown or no lockdown it really is that simple.

But, one of the few bonus situations in regard to lockdown is the TV licensing Call Centre is actually closed at the moment. Calls or Emails are not being answered. As a result, you cannot officially cancel your TV license at the moment, but you can stop paying your fee immediately with no issues.

Additionally, with the call centre being currently closed, it’s likely that the other departments are also closed. It is very unlikely that the inspector vans will be going around during lockdown.


Do We have Alternatives?

The simple answer is that there are plenty of alternatives for having a TV license. Once you’ve canceled your license you can still access plenty of news and entertainment using multiple methods.

Netflix TV License Alternative

You can still watch catch-up TV, such as My5 or ITV-Hub. You can still use entertainment subscription services such as Amazon Video or Netflix and of course you can still use the internet to keep up to date with news or watch YouTube Videos

Additionally you can still use your TV for gaming consoles such as XBox PlayStation.

Finally, consider turning your TV off and enjoying other activities. There is so much more to a life than a TV!


You are Free!

Congratulations, you’ve canceled your TV license and made a vital step in cutting your expenses. You’ve just saved yourself over £150 a year.

With lockdown in effect, you could probably do with that money for your other bills.

Alongside saving money on your TV license, maybe you should also take the opportunity to look other saving opportunities during lockdown. Consider cutting your travel costs or removing some of those other non-essential subscriptions from your monthly bills.

Potters Magical Money are here to give some sound advice on saving or making money, even at the worst times of our life. If you have some free time and want to consider a making money opportunity during lockdown, then please investigate our 2020 Best Business Opportunities, which you can do from home.

Please take this opportunity to bookmark our site and come back to us for more of our ideas, here at Potters Magical Money. Feel free to leave your own comments or ideas below and share them with us and our readers.

12 thoughts on “Quickest Way to Cancel a TV License

  1. Hi, Thank you so very much for your Article on the quickest way to cancel the TV License. I can see that I was totally in the dark concerning this but now your Article brought me so much awareness. I also found out that I can counsel this so easily after watching you step by step video. ‘Thanks.

    1. Glad we have helped.. It really is easy to cancel your license and keep the money in your bank.

  2. Making the decision to cancel TV license at first may seem daunting especially with this lockdown but surely, with the fact that we don’t go to work again, being able to raise money has become so difficult for us and this us why some things have to go. Well! I am a card payment holder and definitely, I will stop paying henceforth to renew the subscription and license. Thanks for this post

    1. Every little counts Angela. and £150 in your pocket is better than £150 in the BBC’s coffers

  3. Hi! I didn’t know it was that easy. I agree with you, BBC has been lowering their standards concerning their programs. It’s a pity but it’s true. And this is a quick way to save some money.

    The other point I liked about your post is that you also offer us alternatives. This post is worth spreading and making viral. Thank you very much!

  4. An article having this quality takes time and energy to develop. most especially when it has to help out people with useful information. i also commend the beautiful website that you have created with nice templates. sometimes the recurring charges that comes from TV license can be overwhelming. thank you for this tip.

  5. Ha! TV license used to be a thing here in Finland. There used to be a TV license inspector, something all students feared as no one afforded to pay the license but everyone had a TV. Because so many people didn’t pay the license, they did the only reasonable thing. They made it a tax everyone has to pay. It’s been long enough that I had forgot a thing called TV license ever existed, so thanks for the nostalgia! These days it doesn’t only pay for TV infrastructure but for our national ad-free TV company.

    1. Thanks for your comments. Glad we have taken you back in time ..lol!

      One of the suggestions in the UK is to replace the TV license with a tax. The point is you still have a tax that your are forced to pay.

      I ask you this, if the quality of the programs was reducing, if the money was being squandered and if the news was biased and misleading, would you still be happy paying that tax?

  6. Hi Lawrence,

    I’m sure this post will be a huge help for those of you in the U.K. Though we don’t call the “licenses” in North America, I’m sure similar steps can be taken.

    And you’re right about getting programs via different platforms. We hardly watch TV anymore. It’s so much better watching Netflix or Amazon Prime with no commercials, LOL.

    I would miss our national news though. The streaming on the internet is only an hour and we miss things that happen at the moment.

    Thanks again for your information!


    1. Thanks for your reply Suzanne.

      Whilst I understand your comments regarding the national news at the moment, I have actually found it more efficient to use the internet. The problem with live news is its basically on constant repeat until there is something new to report (or make-up). At least with the internet news channels you have the opportunity to select the article you are interested in and read / watch it once only.

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