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Well, here we go again another day another article on training courses. As promised yesterday we are going to take a look at the Shaw Academy Online Courses in Marketing. Hopefully this one will not get us as worked up as the Entrepreneur Affiliate Marketing Course.

Certainly, on first impressions, this one at least looks very professional.

We are sure you may be getting a little bored with all the training course reviews we are doing at the moment, but whilst we are in the zone it is better to get the content out to you. We guarantee that we will change tact after this review and tackle other money making or saving opportunities. Although we will come back to training courses in the near future, because we want to address the Wealthy Affiliate Training Courses in more detail.

We will always attempt to give thorough truthful reviews of any products or services that we come across at Potters Magical Money, especially if they have the potential of making or saving you money.


Name: Shaw Academy Blogging and Content Marketing Diploma
Website: www.shawacademy.com
Price: Free and then £49.99 a month plus add-ons
Owners: Shaw Academy
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10

Blogging and Content Diploma Overview

Shaw Academy OverviewShaw Academy offer a small selection of marketing courses, each of them relevant to affiliate marketing. In this review, we are concentrating on the Blogging and Content Diploma.

The Blogging and Content Diploma contains 8 lessons and although it doesn’t specifically state how many hours worth of content for this particular course, when comparing to similar courses such as the digital marketing it appears to suggest you will get a total of 8 hours worth of online tutorials.

Whilst the title of the course, doesn’t mention marketing, the content is actually wholly centered on affiliate marketing. The course aims to teach you how to write and monetise blogs. It also touches on content curation, search engine optimisation and creating vlogs.


Who is the Shaw Academy Course For?

After taking a look at the 8 lessons included in the course, our conclusions are that the Shaw Academy Blogging and Content Diploma is only for real serious beginners to blogging. It is a detailed overview of blogging, vlogging and affiliate marketing. Whilst a lot of the information included in the course could actually be got for free as advice from experience affiliate marketers, the Shaw Academy course actually goes deeper into the content than a simple overview. There are plenty of blogs, vlogs and free courses that will give you an introduction to affiliate marketing.


Blogging and Content Diploma Course Content

Shaw Academy Course ContentAs previously stated the course is split into 8 distinct lessons, including live scheduled lessons twice weekly.

  • Introduction to Blogging – covering famous bloggers that have developed brands and businesses and taking a look at the various content creation platforms.
  • Content Planning and Curation – including devising a content plan and strategy for producing content and describing what content curation is.
  • The Importance of SEO – covering the basics of SEO
  • Should you Start a Vlog? – concentrating on what it takes to start a vlog and the reasons for doing it.
  • Content Marketing – describing what content marketing is and giving an understanding on why content is valuable to advertisers, brands and publishers.
  • How to Monetise your Blog – giving an overview and examples of the different methods you can monetize your blog.
  • Creating A Compelling Personality for Your Content – discussing how to personalise your blog and make it your own.
  • Managing a Community of Online Followers – concentrating on how to engage with people that are reacting to your blog

Additionally the course claims to include weekly assignments and fun quizzes.


Shaw Academy Course Support

Limited but rated by some. They have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) Bot that supports you during the course alongside any other students that may be taking the course simultaneously. The AI Bot will simply search through previously asked questions, comments and existing site content to try to find an answer.

Some course content is however claimed to be live at scheduled times and reviews have suggested that you can get in contact with course tutors via text message. Whilst some customers rave about the structure and support, others argue that the content is actually recorded and support is lacking.

Shaw Academy claim to have 10 offices around the world. For a company that only offers 70 courses and only have one contact email address and no telephone numbers, I initially found this very hard to believe, but on further research it was proven to be true.

Blogging and Content Diploma Price

Free for the first 4 weeks, but you have to enter your credit card details to subscribe and then £49,99 per month thereafter for the course and lots of add-on costs, premium membership, tool-kit, final exam and certification to mention the ones we found.

Trust Pilot ReviewsLots of positive reviews on TrustPilot, but we are not convinced all are genuine! Even on the day we researched the training course, there were reviews blurred out because Shaw Academy was reporting the negative reviews Most of the negative reviews are about billing.

We are however in the middle (or at the start) of the coronavirus worldwide pandemic and it is both possible that Shaw Academy have had an upsurge of interest that they have not managed to cope with or they have had a bot attack on their trust pilot page causing a mass of negative reviews.


Shaw Academy Pros and Cons


  • Free for 4 weeks
  • High quality logical structured course content all available in one place
  • Recognised professional tutors.
  • No time limit for taking the course with life-time availability
  • Scheduled Live Courses
  • Access to a support group
  • Courses are certified


  • Lots of billing and canceling issues
  • Lots of add-ons to pay for.
  • The course is not totally self-paced. By scheduling live courses they actually keep you enrolled for longer than the initial four-week free period, hence you cannot complete the initial free course without paying.
  • Course Content is really just a detailed overview. The majority of the content could be got freely via google.
  • Support Group is AI based frequently and there have been several complaints about lack of access to tutors


Our Opinion of Shaw Academy

To be honest we have to’d and fro’d during this review that we feel a little like a ping pong ball. There is a minefield of information available on affiliate marketing training and Shaw Academy courses sit somewhere in the middle of it all.

Trust Pilot OverviewFirst impressions were positive, with a very professional laid out presentation of the courses that Shaw Academy offers. Moving into the content, it was all described perfectly and whilst there is not a lot of detail regarding the content, you get a sense that whatever training you undertake would be professionally lectured.

And then come the Yellow flags and warning sirens. The billing complaints and customer service issues were far too common to be ignored. Free subscription with mandatory requirement to enter credit card details always sets my heart pacing the wrong way.

It’s very difficult to judge the quality of the content without actually taking the course, which requires us to enter our credit card details. Not happening! The course overview only gives a sales blurb overview of what is actually included in each lesson and doesn’t break it down into detail. Additionally, there is no sample course data or example tutor video to give you an insight.

We were feeling quite negative at this point and was almost ready to stop the review and scam alert the product. But then the ping pong ball comes back in the other direction and wham a whole lot of positivity is reflected when delving deeper into our research.

The numerous positive reviews and the level of expertise of the owners and tutors within Shaw Academy seems to be undeniable. The cost of the course and level of the certification seems to reflect the level of education that you will be getting. Just maybe this course will be worth the financial risk for some.


Shaw Academy Course at a Glance

Name: Shaw Academy Blogging and Content Marketing Diploma
Website: www.shawacademy.com
Price: Free and then £49.99 a month
Owners: Shaw Academy
Overall Rank: 5 out of 10


Our Verdict:

Shaw Academy Scam AlertIt’s down to you. It’s your choice.

The financial risk in entering your credit card details, alongside the numerous billing and customer services complaints raised a big red flag for us.


But the level of education and expertise within the course and resulting certification, just may be worth taking that risk.

Mediocre ReviewsIn the worst case scenario, you could always contact your bank or credit card provider and block billing in that way.

Here at Potters Magical Money, we will not recommend something that we are not fully satisfied with and the truth is, even after all our research we are still sitting on the fence with the Shaw Academy product. We have put a note in our diary to come back and revisit the product and the company in six months or so.

Maybe when this pandemic is over the company will have addressed all their billing complaints and improved their customer service. At this moment in time we are not affiliated with Shaw Academy.

In our view the two safe options for going forward with affiliate marketing training are as follows:-

If you only want a standard training course that offers all the information you need and covers the complete range of digital marketing techniques and strategies then you should consider the Udemy Digital Marketing Online course.

If you want a full solution covering affiliate marketing training, website creation and hosting, comprehensive technical support and a community of affiliate marketers to give you advice and assistance then please consider our number one choice, the Wealthy Affiliate platform.



8 thoughts on “Shaw Academy Online Courses in Marketing

  1. So kind of you to share such a knowledge with everyone…it goes a long way to teach people how to under go classes on different on line portal courses they may find difficult achieving offline cos of their work schedule. The  Shaw online academy courses in marketing provide you with lot of ideas you can use as an affiliate marketer.

    1. As we said in the review, the Shaw courses do offer a lot to affiliate marketers, but we believe there are better alternatives that should be considered

  2. Thank you so much for sharing such an informative article among us. I appreciated this post very much. You have discussed in detail about Shaw Academy Online Courses. Marketing can be one of the best ways to earn online. Marketing popularity is increasing day by day. And I’m a successful marketer. I think Shaw Academy Online Courses fit for everyone. All the course Here is of high quality. Anyone can easily make a career in Shaw Academy. Thanks for presenting beautifully. Lastly, I would like to share this post on my social media so everyone can know about Shaw Academy Online Courses. Thanks

    1. It is interesting to hear from someone who has direct positive experiences of the Shaw Academy courses. Personally we think there are better alternatives out there for affiliate marketing and we were worried about the billing issues that so many people seemed to have.

  3. Well Right now, The first thing that i want to do is try to share this superb article with some friends of mine. Your website is really nice. and i have learnt something tangible from this well detailed article on shaw academy online courses in marketing. this might really boost my knowledge which i need for my business

    1. If we can help you in your business decisions, then we are doing a good job and that is good to know. Thank you for commenting on our post and for your compliment about our website. I wish you every success in the future

  4. the first thing that i noticed when i opened this page is the beauty of this website. I am sure you have put much time and energy into creating this article and the details are really clear. i would like to engage on an online course because there is no better time than now that we have to stay home, but I realise that this is not the course for me . I will take a look at your other courses. thank you for this post

    1. Thanks for your reply.  Its a wise decision to consider the better alternative that we have available. Using our free time constructively at the moment can keep us sane and stop us worrying so much

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