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Hand SanitiserWe had absolutely no intention of jumping on the Coronavirus bandwagon, here at Potters Magical Money. After all what has Coronavirus got to do with making or saving money? and then the question Should you Make Hand Sanitiser? came into our thinking purely by accident.

Whilst searching for alternative keywords for ‘make your own’ for a post on balloon bouquets on our sister site Potters Party Balloons, we found that make your own hand sanitiser was simply hitting the roof for the amount of google searches. It dawned upon us that this could be a money-saving opportunity for our readers, especially considering we had already planned to have one or more sections within this website dedicated to home based D.I.Y. ideas to save you money. So Should you Make Hand Sanitiser?

Why are we searching for alternative keywords?, well that’s all part of the business opportunity, affiliate marketing, which you can head to our Wealthy Affiliate review to find out more, if you wish.

Back on topic, should you Make Hand Sanitiser? What are the options? Will it save you money? Is it safe? Is it effective against Coronavirus? Is it easy to make? Read on for our honest opinion on the subject and we will hopefully at least give you some food for thought.


Is Coronavirus a Threat?

Sounds a silly question, but the point is we at Potters Magical Money are not here to instil a sense of panic into people or to pretend we are medical experts and to offer any sort of opinion on the virus itself, politics, conspiracy theories or media-induced theories.


Quite simply, whether you consider Coronavirus to be a threat to you and your family is up to you. There are plenty of articles available that can give you all side of the story and it is up to you to decide on what, if any action you take.

On saying that, if you wasn’t worried about Coronavirus or looking for an alternative to shop-bought hand sanitiser then you probably wouldn’t be reading this article.


Hand Sanitiser and Coronavirus.

The simple and most basic advice to help with preventing Coronavirus from most medical experts is to wash your hands with soap and water. There are many meme’s going around social media etc that are taking the mickey out of this advice because quite rightly it should be something that we are doing already. If you have grown-up without being the taught the most basic methods of self-cleanliness then I feel sorry for you.

Hand WashWhat people (in more specifically the people taking the mickey) are missing from the point of the advice is that the medical experts are really suggesting we wash our hands more frequently. It’s not just the standard advice of after visiting the toilet, before preparing a meal or when entering a hospital ward etc. It’s a case of being more vigilant about your surrounding area, inside and outside the home, and be prepared to wash you hands after you have touched a foreign object that would likely contain germs.

Which foreign objects you consider a threat is down to you and your opinion of how much a threat Coronavirus is. It might be a car door handle, a shop door, a shopping trolley, a public toilet door, your kitchen worktop or literally any object that anyone else could have been in contact with.

This is where a hand sanitiser becomes relevant. It becomes clear that soap and water is not always going to available next to or near to these foreign objects. Hence, if you are worried, carrying a hand sanitiser in your pocket or bag might be an option that you should consider.


Hand Sanitiser Options

There are two basic types of hand sanitiser, alcohol based and alcohol free. From all advice we have seen from medical experts, it has been stated that whilst alcohol free hand sanitisers can be better for the skin etc. there is a good chance that it will not prevent Coronavirus even if it states kills 99% of germs.

The medical Experts are stating that a hand sanitiser for Coronavirus should contain at least 60% alcohol, and therefore for the rest of this article we are going to concentrate on alcohol based hand sanitisers. We will quite happily post a money-saving idea for an alcohol free hand sanitiser in the future, if our readers request it.


Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty of how to make your own hand sanitiser and then later we’ll discuss it’s effectiveness and whether it will actually save you money.

What You will need

  • Re-usable Travel Soap Dispenser
  • 91% Rubbing Alcohol / isopropyl
  • Aloe Vera gel
  • Essential Oil (optional)



Step by Step Guide to Make Hand Sanitiser – 100ml.

  1. Add 67ml of 91% rubbing alcohol to a small measuring jug or bowl.
  2. Add 33ml of aloe Vera gel to the rubbing alcohol.
  3. Add between 10 and 20 drops of your own choice essential oil. This is optional because it dilutes the effectiveness of the hand sanitiser but adds a pleasant smell. Most of us do not want to go around smelling of pure alcohol.
  4. Pour the solution into the re-usable soap dispenser.
  5. Shake Well.

It really is that simple!


Is Homemade Hand Sanitiser Effective.

There’s no point making our own hand sanitiser, if it’s not going to be effective for what we are trying to achieve.

The figures above using a solution of 2/3 rubbing alcohol to 1/3 aloe Vera gel are the minimum recommended by the medical experts. Specifically the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in America. Because the rubbing alcohol only contains 91% alcohol, then the actual final solution results is around 61% alcohol content. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends a 3/4 rubbing alcohol to 1/4 aloe Vera gel solution.

The higher the alcohol content, the more effective it will be against germs and diseases such as CoronaVirus, but the more likely it is cause dry skin etc. Lower than 60% alcohol final solution content will not be effective against CoronaVirus according to medical experts.


Will Homemade Hand Sanitiser Save Me Money.

Potters Magical MoneyThe easy answer, is making your own hand sanitiser is not really cost effective.

Before the Coronavirus panic affected the supply of hand sanitiser, the average price we found for branded alcohol based hand sanitiser was approximately £1.20 per 100ml.

Based on the research we have done for the supplies mentioned above, we believe you should be able to make your own alcohol based hand sanitiser for approximately £1.50 per 100ml (excluding the re-usable soap dispenser).

However, with the shortages in the shops and online at the moment, the option to make hand sanitiser should not be discounted.


What Do We Suggest?

As we have pointed out, Potters Magical Money is not here to offer any sort of opinion on Coronavirus itself, we are not qualified and will not pretend to be.

Whether you consider Coronavirus to be a threat to you and your family is totally up to you and therefore if you feel it is necessary to take the precaution of carrying a hand sanitiser with you then that is your choice.

Making your own hand sanitiser, by the following the instructions above is a sensible alternative to shop bought products, especially considering the shortage at the moment. As long as you follow the instructions, which are based on medical experts advice, then your homemade hand sanitiser can be just as effective as shop bought products for comparatively very little price difference.

Potters Magical Money will not recommend something that it has not actually tried itself or found a genuine creditable review for from a reputable source. Please take this opportunity to bookmark our site and come back to us for plenty more Money Making and Saving ideas here at Potters Magical Money.

16 thoughts on “Should You Make Hand Sanitiser?

  1. Such a relevant post for the current climate that we are in.  Funny enough I went to Walmart today to get groceries and things and I needed some hand soap. I went to soap isle and literally there were 3 containers of hand soap left. Hand soap for god sakes.

    People are so over reacting that it is kind of making me mad.  Yes we need to wash our hands more often they were normally do, but panic never helps.

    I love the idea of making my own hand sanitizer.  Do you have a favourite essential oil that you like the best?

    Thank you for the recipe, it may come in handy….HAHA! I really enjoyed your article and great job.

    1. Thanks for  your comments,

      I am trying to hold my tongue in regards to people over-reacting etc. Each and everyone is entitled to their own views and their own level of worry etc. Here in the UK the panic buying seems to be concentrating on toilet paper alongside hand sanitiser?

      In regards to essential oils. I personally like peppermint but it may too strong smelling for some, so lavender is my milder alternative choice.

  2. Thank you for this informative article. I personally don’t think Corona is a big threat, but people often don’t follow the guidelines and then continue to spread the virus. I try to wash my hands as much as I can. I never really thought about making my own hand sanitizer, but now I might actually do it.
    Seems like not that difficult from reading your article.

  3. Thank you for writing this article. I know my local Walmart has been completely sold out of hand sanitizer for about a week, and a lot of the other cleaning products are getting low too. This is timely information, and I may wind up using your recipe to make my own hand sanitizer. Not that I expect to get the disease, but it will help other people feel comfortable if they see me cleaning my hands after coughing and sneezing in a public place.

    1. Thank you for your comments

      It is nice to hear of someone that whilst not concerned about the disease themselves, does take others into account.

      Good Health to you sir!

  4. I was happy to read and learn how to make my own hand sanitizer using your recipe, I really believe we need to cut back on using as many products as we can that contain chemicals to have a better chance of staying healthier in our senior years.

    Great article and awesome recipe,


  5. We just got quarantine information here in Finland today. Schools are closing down, all events are canceled and we are expecting to get hundreds of new infections every day as the infection spreads exponentially.

    I’ve never stressed too much about using hand sanitizer or washing my hands that much other than when going to the bathroom or handling something dirty but I’m now paying attention.

    I was just thinking if I could make some sanitizer from rubbing alcohol but you answered my question. If I understood correctly, I can use the rubbing alcohol just instead of hand sanitizer right because the pure alcohol should kill the virus?

    1. Hi Chuck,

      Thank you for your comments.

      Yes you could use rubbing alcohol directly to kill the virus, rather than hand sanitiser, but this is likely to dry your hands out significantly and may cause more damage down the line because the alcohol is too strong.

      Rubbing alcohol can be between 91% and around 97% pure alcohol.

      The recommended alcohol content for hand sanitser is between 60% and 75%.

  6. Hi Lawrence, and thanks for this post!
    It’s important for people to know how to make an effective solution, or else why bother.
    Unfortunately, here in Canada, you can’t even find the alcohol or aloe anymore.
    I know they say that washing with soap and water is just as good, but like you said, you can’t do that if you have to run out for something.
    Fortunately, I’ve found some hand sanitizer in my travel kit, and hoping it’s enough for now. The more we stay inside, the less of it we need, right?
    Hoping you are healthy and safe,

    1. Thank you for your comments

      UK is now having the similar issues at the moment, rubbing alcohol is becoming in short supply and aloe vera has increased in price dramatically

      Glad you have hand sanitiser in your travel kit now, please stay safe in these worrying times.

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