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With Potters Magical Money, recommending Wealthy Affiliate as one of the best business opportunities of 2020, it is only fair that we review other products and services in the same area, such as the Skill Success Courses in Affiliate Marketing, to give a full picture.

Therefore, the Skill Success Affiliate Marketing Online Course is one such review that we think you should take a look at.

We found this course by googling ‘affiliate marketing training’ and it appeared on google’s first page, so it’s quite likely that you would also find the course quite easily and hence we believe this is relevant and important review.

skill success courses overview

Name: Skill Success Courses in Affiliate Marketing
Website: www.reed.co.uk
Price: £29 discounted from £157 (at the time of writing)
Owners: Skill Success via Reed
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10
Review Contents

Skill Success Courses Overview

Skill success do offer several courses in affiliate marketing but we are specifically concentrating on the one course we found via the google search. According to Reed.co.uk the course title is simply Affiliate Marketing, but according to Skill Success the course title is actually Affiliate Marketing Strategies That Work.

The Skill Success course introduces affiliate marketing with it’s benefits. It also discusses the affiliate networks and their programs. It then goes onto discussing some methods of actually making money with affiliate marketing including some slightly advance strategies.

Who are the Skill Success Courses For?

As we stated earlier, Skill Success offer several affiliate marketing courses, all of which are aimed at beginners. This specific course is aimed  at absolute beginners!!. There is a very small percentage of the course content that novices may be interested in.

Skill Success Course Content

The course is basically split into 12 lessons but the content can really be summarised as follows:-

skill success course content

  • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing, who it is for and what are the benefits with some examples of some personal experiences within affiliate marketing. All of this information can be found via a simple google search.
  • Introduction To The Top Affiliate Networks, their programs and payouts. Again all of this information can be found via a simple google search.
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Models including Blogging, Vlogging & Traffic Arbitrage. This is standard basic understanding of what you need to do to even start in Affiliate Marketing. They are the methods used to develop a customer base.
  • Non-Standard Affiliate Marketing Strategies such as Making Money As An Affiliate Without A Website. Once you’ve done the basic searches mentioned above, these are obvious strategies that are common sense but only work if you already have a customer base.
  • SEO Techniques such as Using Traffic Redirects. Standard Cheats that are available from a mass load of free blogs should you do a google search etc.
  • Advanced Strategies such as sniper sites, direct linking and product launch jacking. This is really the only part of the course that may be worth paying real money for. Although by the fact that it is only a small proportion of the course, I would suggest that you will only really get an overview and not an in-depth instruction or analysis.

Skill Success Course Support

The course claims a tutor is available to students, but does not state the actual level of availability.

Skill Success Course Price

Reed are offering the course at a discounted £29 (at the time of writing) but if you go direct to the Skill Success website you are able to get a free 30-day pass (if you enter your credit card details) and view all of their courses for free apparently.

Skill Success Pros and Cons


  • It’s cheap or even free for 30 days
  • All the information you need as an absolute beginner will be presented in one place.
  • There is no time limit for taking the course (life-time availability to course material)
  • You have access to a tutor
  • you get a certificate at the end of the course


  • It’s £29 for course content that is mostly available through a simple google search or by reading a decent experienced affiliate marketers blog. It’s free if you enter your credit card details !!!!!!
  • I would expect you could cover the content available in this content by googling for a day at most. So who needs lifetime-availability.
  • Judging by the course content and price, it’s unlikely that the tutor will be an expert. Who is going to offer you unlimited lifetime support for £29 or free?
  • The certificate will be worth LESS than the paper you print it on.

Our Opinion of Skill Success

The Skill Success Affiliate Marketing Online Course really worries us. As stated we found the course on google’s first page using a sensible search criteria through what I would hope was a reputable company. In fact in Lawrence’s early days as a freelance IT consultant, Reed represented him as his agency and treated him very well.

skill success courses in dog trainingWhilst we can not categorically state that the course is a scam, the fact that they request credit card details on sign-up is a red flag. Whilst searching for some other reviews to compare against, we found no actual reviews by users that were not affiliates (i.e. making money from selling Skill Success). They are not on Trust Pilot.

In our view, the course content they are offering will simply not be worth the money (£29) or the risk if you take the free option. As previously stated most of the content they are offering can be found from the internet for free. However, if you believe a company can teach you ‘How to Become A Dog Trainer’ online, by all means give it a try.


Skills Success at a Glance

Name: Skill Success Affiliate Marketing Course
Website: www.reed.co.uk
Price: £29 discounted from £157 (at the time of writing)
Owners: Skill Success via Reed
Overall Rank: 2 out of 10

Our Verdict:

Not Worth it! It’s as simple as that.

Skill Success Scam Alert

Potters Magical Money will not recommend something that it has not actually tried for itself or found a genuine creditable review for from reputable source. The request to enter credit card details on FREE sign-up simply acts as a massive red-flag.



If you really are truly interested in an affiliate marketing online courses then take a look at our 2020 Best Business Opportunity Post for Wealthy Affiliate. This is a company, course, and full platform that Potters Magical Money are happy to endorse.

If you have any questions then please feel free to comment below or contact us via email or social media.

4 thoughts on “Skill Success Courses in Affiliate Marketing

  1. Some people simply gather information from google and create a course out of it. There is rarely any good course in that price range. That’s my checkpoint. if something is available for 20-30 bucks then it will be either too basic or a total scam. Thanks for alerting us.

    1. I do get where you are coming from, and you did say ‘rarely’. But recently, we actually found a course that is close to that price range and definitely good value, in our opinion, Please check out https://pottersmagicalmoney.co.uk/udemy-complete-digital-marketing-online-course/.

      But in general I would agree with you, there seems to be a tendency for people to be creating the most basic courses and charging for them even though the information is readily available on the internet for free. I am still looking for the lottery winner, ‘How to tie your shoe laces – for only £50’.

  2. Yikes, a 2 out of 10 rating is pretty bad! And it sounds like really beginner info. There are so many free and quality resources online where you can get the same or better. Sounds like maybe not worth shelling out money or credit card details. 

    One reason I chose Wealthy Affiliate is that it offers resources for absolute beginners ALL the way to experienced experts. Makes more sense to me. 🙂

    1. Thanks for your comments.

      2 out of 10 is pretty bad but it would unfair to mark it any lower, as it’s not an outright scam like some of the things you can find out there.

      It just offers no value. As you stated, there are plenty of free resources available that do what this course is offering.

      As for Wealthy Affiliate, you are right. It offers training and support for absolute beginners all the way through to experienced experts.

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