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Following our recent article on NHS prescription deliveries, their cost and who should use them, we have taken the opportunity to research and publish the 7 best online pharmacy reviews and hopefully give you a summary of which pharmacy you should be using to deliver your free NHS prescriptions.

Here at Potters Magical Money, we want to give you a full and honest review of the services that are available on the market that can give you money saving opportunities. We recognised that NHS prescription deliveries were particularly relevant at this time of the Coronavirus pandemic and therefore wanted to highlight some companies that are offering the service.

All the 7 pharmacies we have chosen offer a free NHS prescription delivery service. But we wanted to go further than just listing the companies and actually give you a detailed overview of the service(s) they offer.

For each pharmacy, we will discuss the online service they offer for free prescriptions and the quality of service they provide. In addition, we will also review their delivery service and any other services they offer that could benefit you.

Our intention is to highlight the best online pharmacy service that will be suitable for you!

Here is the list of the pharmacies we will be reviewing. Feel Free to click straight through to the pharmacy that you are particularly interested in or simply read through them all.




SuperDrug are a well-known high-street retailer for health, personal care and beauty products, but are so not so well-known as pharmaceutical prescription service.

Pharmacy:- SuperDrug

Prescription Delivery Service:- SuperDrug use Royal Mail Special Delivery with orders usually dispatched on the day of ordering

Online Service Ease of Use:- Considering the SuperDrug site offers so much, the site is easy to navigate and find what you want!

Pharmacy Services:– SuperDrug have a full prescription service and an Online Doctor offering advice and medication in over 40 non-prescription related health topics.

Additional Services:- Online Doctor, Online Glasses and Contact Lense Ordering and an endless list of products in many categories everything you could want (on a budget) in health, beauty and personal care.

Additional Delivery Service:- Free Standard delivery for all Online Doctor orders and any other orders over £15 .

Coronavirus Update:- SuperDrug are definitely struggling due to Coronavirus, with up to 14 days delay due to stock shortages on prescriptions. New Prescription customer sign-in is suspended and Contact Lense Ordering is also suspended.

Value for Money:- Great!

Our Rating:- 9 out of 10 normally (6 out of 10 due to coronavirus).


Our Overview

As someone who used to use our local high-street SuperDrug store on a reasonably regular basis, we were disappointed when it closed down. In some areas they have been replaced by Savers stores who are owned by the same group.

Until we undertook this review, we didn’t realise just how much SuperDrug had to offer online. Their website and range of services is simply fantastic. The online doctor is simple to use and very effective!

Coronavirus has certainly had its impact on the store, but it would be unfair to judge it based on this. Their standard practice of dispatching orders on the day you order is excellent. In general the customers reviews on TrustPilot and NHS are good to excellent. What more do you want?


Chemist 4 U

Chemist 4 U

An online only service frequently advertised across social media, that offers a full range of health products and some additional extras.

Pharmacy:- Chemist 4 U

Prescription Delivery Service:- Chemist 4 U offer a free Royal Mail delivery service where you receive your goods within 3 to 5 days from order.

Online Service Ease of Use:- The Chemist 4 U website is very easy to use and navigate. There are simple instructions to follow, to register and use all their services.

Pharmacy Services:– NHS and Private Prescriptions are offered by Chemist 4 U, with a basic ‘Ask the Pharmacist’ messaging facility.

Additional Services:- Alongside their health products they do a decent range of beauty and fragrance products.

Additional Delivery Service:- Free delivery for all orders over £30 or a standard delivery charge of £2.95. All orders delivered within 3 to 5 days of the order date.

Coronavirus Update:- Chemist 4 U are claiming absolutely no impact, apart from Royal Mail delays.

Value for Money:- Good

Our Rating:- 8 out of 10

Our Overview

Chemist 4 U reviews are outstanding, their site is easy to use and their delivery service is very reasonable. You really can’t complain.

With a decent range of products and an exceptional service, the only issue we found is the very basic ‘Ask the Pharmacist Service’.

One to take note of and use for sure!


The Independent Pharmacy

Independent Pharmacy

Offering a mainly online service, the Independent Pharmacy is not too well-known. But it should BE!

Pharmacy:- The Independent Pharmacy

Prescription Delivery Service:- The Independent Pharmacy use Royal Mail dispatched on same day of order ( if ordered before 4pm)

Online Service Ease of Use:- It’s a basic website and once you get used to the fact the Independent Pharmacy site has two seperate main menus then it is easy to use and easy to find the service you want. Registration is a little more cumbersome than most of the well-known sites but should still take you no longer than 10 to 15 minutes.

Pharmacy Services:– Standard NHS and Private Prescription Service

Additional Services:- The Independent Pharmacy offer an Online Clinic / Pharmacy Service for a range of treatments and conditions

Additional Delivery Service:- Free royal mail tracked delivery for all orders over £40, dispatched on the day of ordering. They also offer a range of other delivery options, including a courier service at an additional cost.

Coronavirus Update:- The Independent Pharmacy proudly claim to have had no impact from Coronavirus apart from Royal Mail disruption. The claim looks genuine.

Value for Money:- Good. We compared the Independent Pharmacy products against identical prices in high-street shops and there was very little difference. The only issue is that they do not offer the cheaper alternatives.

Our Rating:- 7.5 out of 10

Our Overview

We were actually very impressed. The Independent Pharmacy have a definite clear vision to provide a quality service at standard prices. Whilst they do not offer every medicine and therefore you may only have the option the more expensive brand names etc, they are certainly not overpriced.

The NHS prescription delivery services are good, with dispatch on the same day as ordering.

They have a limited range of conditions that they offer treatment for and no extra services. They haven’t tried to branch into beauty products etc.

The reviews are simply fantastic and Coronavirus has not dented their reputation.


Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds Pharmacy

Lloyds have over 1,500 pharmacies across the UK, mainly on high-streets. Mainly recognised as a chemist offering health care products, they do offer some other products such as fragrances and toiletries.

Pharmacy:- Lloyds Pharmacy

Prescription Delivery Service:- Lloyds Pharmacy provide a Royal Mail 48 Hour Service but can take up to 4 working days from ordering to dispatch.

Online Service Ease of Use:- Lloyds use a service called Echo for their online prescription delivery service. It’s on a totally separate website to their standard shop or Online Doctor, which makes it slightly confusing but still reasonable easy to use.

Pharmacy Services:– Lloyds provide a standard exceptional full prescription service, plus an Online Doctor offering advice and medication in 20 seperate health topics.

Additional Services:- The Online doctor is reasonably comprehensive and easy to use, whilst the Lloyds Pharmacy website is very basic. The ‘Shop by category’ does however allow you to find the products they offer very easily. Apart from a full range of health care products and supplements, they also offer health based electrical items, mobility aids, fragrances and toiletries.

Additional Delivery Service:- Free Standard (3 to 5 days) delivery for all Online Doctor orders and any other orders over £20.

Coronavirus Update:- Lloyds are only stating that Royal Mail delays may affect their online services. However, they have suspended certain in-store services (such as blood pressure checks) in respect of their online doctor service.

Value for Money:- Good

Our Rating:- 7 out of 10

Our Overview

Lloyds are a reputable pharmacist and should not be underestimated as a great provider of health related products with many medical experts working for them.

Their high-street branches are usually very respectable and busy but they do get quite a few complaints according to TrustPilot and the NHS. Their online service is better and as far fewer complaints.

Up to 4 working days from ordering to dispatch is disappointing though. We would recommend that you will need to plan your repeat prescriptions at least a week in advance.


Boots the Chemists


Formerly known as Boots the Chemists, but now just known as Boots, this is one of the most well-known brands in the UK High Street, offering an exceptional range of quality products.

Pharmacy:- Boots

Prescription Delivery Service:- The free Boots online prescription delivery service uses Royal Mail first class recorded delivery for all NHS prescriptions. The delivery service from local stores uses local delivery drivers, but is not free.

Online Service Ease of Use:- To be honest the Boots website is not great! You seem to jump around all over the place, depending upon what service you need. For a company with such a great reputation, we would expect a much more friendly online service. You can get where you need to be eventually.

Pharmacy Services:– A full pharmacy and a basic online clinic.

Additional Services:- Boots offer everything and anything ranging from opticians and hearing care, travel insurance and gift items, to fragrances and kitchen goods. They really have branched out into so many products and services that the list would be endless.

Additional Delivery Service:- Free delivery for all Online Clinic orders and any other over £30 orders.

Coronavirus Update:- The Boots online prescription delivery service has been majorly effected by the coronavirus and they have actually limited the number of customers that they allow to order each day. In response, they have temporarily waived the prescription delivery charge if you arrange for delivery from a local store. All in store pharmacy, beauty and clinic appointments have been canceled except for opticians.

Value for Money:- Good

Our Rating:- 6 out of 10

Our Overview

Despite a very disappointing website with poor navigation, Boots really does offer everything and you can find what you need. It can sometimes be a bit confusing as to whether your actually ordering from the online service or from the local branch for both prescriptions and other goods, hence the differing delivery rules can also be confusing.

Boots are renowned for quality products and service in-store and therefore it is not surprising that sometimes they are a little more expensive than the norm. But, on saying that, they still have some great offers available throughout the year and you can get some decent bargains if you time it right.

Unfortunately their online service is not so highly regarded. They have had lots of complaints during Coronavirus and to be honest it doesn’t look like their service was much better before the pandemic. It has to get better!


Dr Fox

Dr Fox

Another mainly online service, DrFox is quite well advertised across social media and so we thought it was worthy of an inclusion here. Were we right?

Pharmacy:- DrFox (using independent pharmacies)

Prescription Delivery Service:- Dr Fox use Royal Mail dispatched on the day of order or next day. But NHS prescriptions cannot be processed online. You need to call the Dr Fox telephone number.

Online Service Ease of Use:- As stated above, Dr Fox do not offer an NHS prescription delivery service online. They do however offer an extensive online clinic covering several medical conditions. The website was having display issues on the day we did the review.

Pharmacy Services:– NHS Prescriptions via telephone only.

Additional Services:- Dr Fox have a reasonably extensive online helpful clinic.

Additional Delivery Service:- £2.90 per order Royal Mail dispatched on the day (or day after) of order.

Coronavirus Update:- Dr Fox are stating they have up to 3 day delay on deliveries mainly due to Royal Mail and that all travel medications have been suspended.

Value for Money:- Average. Some prices were cheaper than their competitors but others were far more expensive.

Our Rating:- 5.5 out of 10

Our Overview

It’s a difficult one to judge, not least because the Dr Fox website was having particularly problems on the day we did the review. But their reviews on TrustPilot and TrustedShops are excellent.

They use independent pharmacies to actually deliver the products. We don’t understand how they deal with NHS prescriptions except if they again sub-contract the service down to a local pharmacy. As a customer, you are simply asked to call them on the telephone.

Their Dr Fox pricing structure seems a little extreme. With several well-known products available considerably cheaper than their competitors but other products far more expensive. They are certainly worth looking at because of their outstanding reviews on service.


Pharmacy 2 U

Pharmacy 2 U

Very well advertised across social media, Pharmacy to U is another online only service offering NHS prescriptions and an online doctor service.

Pharmacy:- Pharmacy 2 U

Prescription Delivery Service:- Pharmacy 2 U use the standard Royal Mail service but offer no guarantees of when they will dispatch based on the order date.

Online Service Ease of Use:- Initially the Pharmacy 2 U website is a very easy to use system but with limited choices. As you navigate further around the site it gets more frustrating, with seperate pages for tit bits of information.

Pharmacy Services:– They offer NHS and Private prescriptions and a reasonable basic online doctor service covering 10 conditions.

Additional Services:- Alongside the Pharmacy 2 U Online Doctor service, they are affiliated with Chemist Direct on a totally separate website so deliveries cannot be merged etc.

Additional Delivery Service:- Online Doctor orders are free for orders over £40 or £3.45 for individual orders less than £40.

Coronavirus Update:- Pharmacy 2 U have stated up to 15 days delay. They are saying that it is taking them 10 days to process orders and then a further 3 to 5 days to dispatch them.

Value for Money:- Average

Our Rating:- 4 out of 10

Our Overview

Pharmacy 2 U have had some bad press regarding service and data security. They have some excellent reviews on TrustPilot but some are suspicious. Additionally, they have some very bad reviews on Review.io

Whilst the press reports are actually from over 3 years ago, unfortunately mud sticks. With their exceptionally long lead times on processing and delivering orders and their limited service, this is just one that we wouldn’t recommend.

A lot better options available.


Which Online Pharmacy

We have tried to give a full and honest assessment of each of the 7 pharmacies offering the free NHS prescription delivery service.

For each pharmacy, we have discussed their online service, their delivery service and gave an overview of their quality of service both currently due to Coronavirus and generally in normal circumstances.

Our intention was to highlight the best online pharmacy service suitable for you. In conclusion, we highly recommend SuperDrug, Chemist 4 U, The Independent Pharmacy and Lloyds Pharmacy. We would not recommend Pharmacy 2 U.

Here at Potters Magical Money, we wanted to give you a thorough choice and understanding of the options available to you for this money saving opportunity. We hope to produce a full detailed review of each one of the 7 pharmacies in the next few days. In the meantime, if your interested in other money-saving opportunities why not take a look at our article discussing making your own hand sanitiser.

We are not just about saving money at Potters Magical Money, we’d also like to help you make some money. Take this opportunity to read about our number one business opportunity in 2020. You can start it today, even whilst in lockdown!

If you have an opinion you would like to share or a question like to ask, please feel free to comment below or contact us directly. Alternatively get in touch with us on social media!


18 thoughts on “The 7 Best Online Pharmacy Reviews

  1. Yeah, it looks like Super Drug and Chemist 4 U are the clear cut favorites in this race. It’s interesting to read how COVID-19 is affecting them and it’ll be even more interesting to see how these drug companies will bounce back in the future following the COVID crisis. 

    It also be interesting to see if any newer companies step it up and make it onto the list as well. Time will tell, but it will be interesting to see which companies rise up following the pandemic. 

    1. Yes SuperDrug are generally winning the race, but Coronavirus has seriously affected them so current Chemist 4 U is probably the best service available.

      You may have noticed I have not included Well Pharmacy in the list. Whilst being a leading a high-street pharmacy, initial impressions of their online service was so bad that I just didn’t bother doing the research just yet!  I’m sure at some point they will step up to the mark.

      I’m sure even pharmacies will feel the pinch due to the pandemic, so yes we could see a change in order and new companies rising to the challenge in the future. 

  2. Hi, this is by no doubt one of the most thorough reviews on a number of services that I ever read. It is especially more helpful during this crazy time we’re in. I believe these pharmacies are in the UK? Pardon me if I’m wrong. I’m basing my assumption on the currency.

    I’m in Africa and I know for a fact that services like this will thrive if they were competent enough. But that can only be said of a very select few. 

    What really caught my attention was your other post on how to make a hand sanitizer. Now that I can definitely give a try. Staying healthy and a source of income. Thanks for the amazing post.


    1. You are 100% correct, the pharmacies and the reviews are specifically for the UK market.

      I do hope you have success in getting a similar service in Africa.

      I’m glad you liked our other article on hand sanitiser!

  3. Hello there thanks for this review. It was of great value. Before now I have tried using a few local pharmacy in the street to deliver NHS prescription but all to no avail. Later on a friend of mine directede to The Independent Pharmacy and sooner than later I got my prescription delivered right away.

    1. Thank you for your reply.

      I’m glad you agree with us and you have received a similar service to what we have stated.. The Independent Pharmacy is certainly worth using.

  4. Helo a big thanks for this awesome review on the “7 best on-line pharmacy”. It’s really going to be helpful to so many people. I have basically been a major customer to the super drug pharmaceutical services, honestly thier services are so cool, always on point. They focus on customers satisfaction. They’re the best Online pharmacy.

    1. Glad you liked our review and good to see you using the service.

      Whilst exercise is important, we may as well save ourselves a few pennies and use the services that are on offer. We can exercise other ways, rather than a trip to the shops for essential items etc.

  5. Hey nice article you have there. My family and I has been using super drug pharmacy for sometime now and they have been quite amazing in terms of prompt delivery of their product. My opinion about the adverse effect of covid 19 on them is that management would have sought other means (strategy)  to ensure adequate stock, because with this effect they might loss some of their customers to their competitor, if there product is not available.

    1. Thank you for your reply.  Yes Covid-19 has certainly had a dramatic effect on SuperDrug.  They obviously had not got a plan B. Hopefully they will recover and come up with a new strategy, because generally they offer the best service and value!

  6. Thanks a lot for sharing this comprehensive article. I’m doing some field research about pharmaceutical companies and your article came in perfect time. Superdrug seems like a legitimate and trusted company. I see you’ve given them a very high rating. Thanks again!

    1. Glad the article was helpful Ivan.
      SuperDrug certainly are a very reputable company and they also offer great value. A lot of pharmaceutical companies take advantage of their monopoly by hiking prices. SuperDrug fortunately doesn’t fit into this category!

  7. Wow this is a great article during this time of uncertainties. I am very thankful for all of your effort to bring this article online. And I hope our Government in the Philippines will focus also on developing these Online Pharmacies.

    Your review is excellent. You did so much help for everyone.

    Good Luck!

  8. Interesting article have bookmarked this for the future reference, maybe because I have quite an interest in this topic. Thanks for sharing
    Jason 🙂
    Pharmacy products can also be found herefrom a couple retailers listed above in this article: https://www.topdogbabies.com/

  9. I really never knew there were phamacies online which we can use. This means a lot of convienece for most people. I personally rarely used pharmacies only for supplements because it nearly cost my life several time

    1. That sounds quite scary! I hope that you are ok now. I’m assuming that you are not from the UK. The UK pharmacies are far more strictly regulated than most countries and the UK online pharmacies have to comply to the same regulations.

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