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Here at Potters Magical Money, we recently discussed 7 online pharmacies that offer an NHS prescription delivery service. We are now taking the opportunity to produce a thorough article covering the Pharmacy 2 U review

We would like to give you a full and honest review of the services that the Pharmacy 2 U offer, specifically concentrating on any money saving opportunities including the NHS prescription delivery service.

As we are sure you are aware, the NHS prescription delivery service is particularly relevant at this time of the Coronavirus pandemic and hence we have taken the opportunity to highlight some companies that are offering this service.

The Pharmacy 2 U reviews is split down as follows:-


Pharmacy 2 U Overview

Pharmacy 2 U

Pharmacy Name:- Pharmacy 2 U

Pharmacy 2 U Prescription Delivery Service Rating:- 3 out of 10

Pharmacy 2 U Website and App Rating:– 4 out of 10

Pharmacy 2 U Online Doctor Rating: – 4 out of 10

Value for Money:- 5 out of 10

Our Normal Rating:- 4 out of 10


Coronavirus Management Deductions: – 3 out of 3

Our Coronavirus Overall Rating:- 1 out of 10


Pharmacy 2 U Prescription Delivery Service

Pharmacy 2 U’s Prescription Delivery Service is really not the best!

Pharmacy 2 U Prescription Delivery Service

Whilst it is simple to register, if you have a new prescription, unfortunately the service falls down in the later stages. For new prescriptions, nominate Pharmacy 2 U, by informing your medical professional (GP or Consultant), they will then contact you and arrange delivery etc.

Repeat prescriptions do not require you to contact your GP at all. Simply use the Pharmacy 2 U online registration service, You advise them of your GP details and the medication you require and then Pharmacy 2 U will do the rest for you.

Whilst Pharmacy 2 U are a UK based company, it is unclear whether they only use UK based pharmacists and doctors. They have a very mixed reputation but seem to offer value-for-money products. Their quality of service however is definitely up for debate!

Upon registering, you will receive regular reminders to request follow-on repeat prescriptions.

The main issue with the Pharmacy 2 U service is the length of time from order to delivery. Even in non covid-19 situations they suggest ordering up to 10 days before you need the medication. They seem to put the delay down to the time it takes their doctors to review and prescribe the medication, which is very strange as other comparable services are able to do this on the same day.

Upon receiving the prescription, they dispatch all orders using Royal Mail to arrive within 3 days.


Pharmacy 2 U Online Website and App Review

Pharmacy 2 U Website The Pharmacy 2 U site website is actually wonderfully presented, but unfortunately functionally it is a little frustrating.

Whilst it is reasonably easy to navigate around the website, you do seem to jump around a lot to get to the information that you need.

The website is nicely categorised between the NHS prescriptions and the online doctor service, but the actual separate pharmacy service takes you to a completely different website which means it is impossible to combine the services.

The website search functions works but seems a little temperamental.

The website isn’t over flooded with lots of product adverts, but does do quite a bit of self promotion of its own services.

Pharmacy 2 U also have an App specifically for the NHS prescription service which actually looks decent. The app can be used to order repeat prescriptions and get reminders etc.


Pharmacy 2 U Online Doctor Service

Pharmacy 2 U are very well advertised across social media and have recently sponsored TV programs etc.

They offer an online doctor service, but it is very limited.

The online doctor service only appears to cover 9 condition : –

  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Hair Loss
  • Weight Loss
  • Situational Anxiety
  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • Genital herpes

When you investigate a little further, you do realise that the online doctor service does actually give you opportunity to describe other symptoms and conditions etc, but the fact that the website only offers advice on these specific 9 conditions is worrying.

The service does save time and embarrassment, if you don’t want or need to visit a GP. But the Pharmacy 2 U online doctor only offers a response within 24 hours so it isn’t that fast!

Pharmacy 2 U Online Doctor
The Pharmacy 2 U online doctor service claims to be secure and confidential but they have had several bad press reports regarding misuse of data and poor delivery management.

Delivery costs £3.45 per order and is dispatched with the Royal Mail 24hr Special Delivery service.


Pharmacy 2 U Additional Services

The Pharmacy 2 U are either affiliated with or part of the same group of companies as Chemist Direct.

As the Chemist Direct website is completely seperate from Pharmacy 2 U, we have not included it within this review.


Pharmacy 2 U Coronavirus Service Issues

Despite the already excessive lead times on Pharmacy 2 U orders, Covid-19 has made them even worse.

With covid-19, they claim up to 15 days is needed from order to delivery, but customer reviews show that it can actually be far longer.


Pharmacy 2 U Conclusions

Pharmacy 2 U Negative ReviewWith all the hype from social media and TV we were expecting big things from Pharmacy 2 U, but unfortunately we were disappointed.

Whilst they do offer an OK online prescription service and online doctor, they just don’t match up to what the competitors have to offer.

Coronavirus has also had an impact on an already sub-standard service.

Customers reviews and press reports often paint the Pharmacy 2 U service in a bad light and even the TrustPilot good reviews look suspicious.

Here at Potters Magical Money, we always attempt to supply honest reviews. Pharmacy 2 U simply does not match up to what would expect of a service that should be recommended. Our conclusion is that it really would be better to look at the alternatives on the market. We have made the decision to not be affiliated with Pharmacy 2 U.

As always, we would like you to consider real money saving opportunities that offer a good service, please have a look at the other 6 alternatives in the overview we have provided of 7 pharmacies providing NHS prescription delivery services.

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Did you like or dislike our review on the Pharmacy 2 U service. Do you have any comments or questions? Why not comment or ask away below? Alternatively, do not hesitate to get in touch with us via Email or on social media.


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