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Wow! Finally,! After a few negative reviews recently, we were beginning to believe we wouldn’t find a training course that we could actually recommend. But actually with not too much effort, via google searching, we have found and had a good look at the Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Online Course and can happily say it is one that should be seriously considered. But there is a but! Unfortunately the course doesn’t specifically cover affiliate marketing. It concentrates on all aspects of digital marketing.

What’s the difference between affiliate marketing and digital marketing? – Click here to find out.

Potters Magical Money are confident in recommending affiliate marketing as a realistic business opportunity in 2020, The Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Online Course is a detailed course that could ideally suit people wishing to get started or needing help in establishing an affiliate marketing based business. However, for affiliate marketeers, the course should be studied alongside (or after) a specific affiliate marketing course.


Udemy Digital MarketingName: Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course
Website: www.udemy.com
Price: £38.99 (reduced from £174.99 apparently) but occasionally available on sale at a lower price.
Owners: Udemy
Overall Rank: 7.5 out of 10


Udemy Digital Marketing Course Overview

Udemy offer a variety of courses that either specialise on affiliate / digital marketing as a whole or concentrate on a specific area of digital marketing, but in this review we are solely concentrating on the course titled, ‘ The Complete Digital Marketing Course – 12 Courses in 1’.

This course is split into 19 lessons covering 12 distinct subjects and encompasses 254 lectures over nearly 24 hours of video. It covers everything from undertaking market research, creating / optimising websites and copy-writing. It then goes onto giving detailed lessons in the majority of the digital marketing opportunities, such as email marketing and Facebook marketing.


Who is the Udemy Digital Marketing Course For?

This Udemy course (or at least large parts of it) is for :-

  • Pre-launch entrepreneurs who don’t know where to get started with digital marketing
  • Existing business owners who need to launch or grow their online presence
  • Existing Website owners who are struggling to get traffic and sales
  • New and existing affiliate marketers who want high volumes of traffic resulting in affiliate commissions.


Udemy Digital Marketing Course Content

The course introduces itself and digital marketing in a series of videos lasting a total of 18 minutes. You can watch a preview of the course for free, introducing you to the clear and concise lecturer.

Udemy Digital Marketing ContentThe course then covers 12 distinct online marketing subjects in a collection of videos lasting over 23 hours, which can be split down as follows:-

  • Market Research – Techniques to determine viability of sales etc
  • Website Creation with WordPress – Build a website from scratch
  • Website Quality Content – Copy-writing to generate sales
  • Search Engine Optimisation – Effectively write content to generate traffic
  • Google Adwords – Pay for search engine advertising to generate income
  • Social Media Marketing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Quora)
  • Facebook Ads – Pay for social media advertising to generate income
  • YouTube Marketing – Create videos to generate more sales
  • Email Marketing – Create and utilise a subscription list
  • Linkedin Marketing – Develop a network to deliver more sales
  • App Marketing – Utilise your app (if you have one) to generate sales.
  • Google Analytics – Measure advertising return on investment and track your websites and social networking sites etc


Udemy Course Support

The course states it offers ‘fast and friendly support in a Q & A section’. The sales platform on Udemy is very good but unfortunately the technical support has some very bad reviews. Complaints of a lack-of-response are very regular. As for the course support, I think it’s very unlikely that lecturers will be available, to answer course content related question, within a reasonable time-frame or at all.


Udemy Digital Marketing Course Price

Varies!!!!!! That’s the simple and ridiculous answer.

On the day of writing this review the course was available for £38.99 on our laptop (which may have had cookies installed) but £28.99 via our phones. On the day before, whilst we were undertaking research the course was available for a 5-hour period for £24.99. The standard full price of the course is £174.99. Udemy have a reputation of only offering discount prices to new accounts, existing accounts have to pay the full price.


Udemy Digital Marketing Course Pros and Cons

Udemy Digital Marketing Overview


  • Great Price if you get the full discount
  • Almost 23 hours of videos split down into small chunks, so you can study at your own pace.
  • Excellent range of detailed course content covering most subject within digital online marketing.
  • One-off price for this course with other follow-on courses available and no subscription.
  • Lifetime availability to the course content
  • Over 300,000 previous students (just on this course) and over 70,000 mostly positive genuine reviews


  • Full Standard Price is a bit steep
  • Udemy has a reputation of being unethical in it’s pricing, especially towards existing accounts
  • The Udemy platform has had complaints regarding it’s reliability, although not specifically for this course.
  • Some reviews of the course content have suggested it is out-of-date by a few years, although this is slightly unfair because as with anything in the online world, it becomes out-of-date as soon as its launched.
  • The content doesn’t specifically cover affiliate marketing, but it doesn’t claim to. It does cover all aspects of online digital marketing
  • The course title states ‘Complete Digital Marketing’ but it only actually covers online digital marketing (which is still a lot). It doesn’t cover TV and Radio etc.


Our Opinion of the Udemy Digital Marketing Course

Whilst undertaking our initial research, our first impressions were simply Wow! Nearly 24 hours of digital marketing training videos for a great price with great reviews. What more could you want? Then came the first blow, we’d found the course by searching on ‘Affiliate Marketing Training’ and the course didn’t actually cover affiliate marketing. This was not such a massive blow as you would imagine because it did cover a hell of a lot of material on digital marketing and this of course is very relevant to new or existing affiliate marketers.

On reviewing the actual content, we were happy. The time spent on each subject was sufficient to not just be an overview like so many other introductory courses offer, but actually offer real learning opportunities. The content was also presented very well by the lectures involved. Some digital marketers have raised issues with some course content being out-of-date but with an ever progressing environment, this is only to be expected. The fact is the content will give a very good grounding of digital marketing to any student that takes the course. More up-to-date method, techniques etc can be learned as add-ons if required.

So the content, the lecturer and the (discounted) price are all good, but the red flags start to get raised when reviewing the training provider Udemy. Unethical pricing and unreliable service seem to be common complaints. On saying that, the sheer amount of people they have taking and reviewing their courses seem to suggest that these complaints are few and far between.


Udemy Digital Marketing Course at a Glance

Name: Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Course
Website: www.udemy.com
Price: £38.99 (reduced from £174.99 apparently) but occasionally available on sale at a lower price.
Owners: Udemy
Overall Rank: 7.5 out of 10


Our Verdict:

Definitely worth a try at the discounted price. The sheer amount of course content makes this course great value, if you get at the right price. The number of previous students and corresponding good reviews only goes to support this conclusion.

Udemy Course Positive ReviewThis well-presented course within Udemy begged whether we at Potters Magical Money should become an affiliate of Udemy ourselves. Some of their negative reviews have made us wary but the great value of this and other courses we have started to research weighed in favour of becoming an affiliate. We pride ourselves in only recommending products or services that we have either tried ourselves or have at least seen reputable genuine good reviews on. However, we will keep a close eye on Udemy and remove our affiliation should the negative reviews begin to outweigh the advantages to our readers.

The Udemy Digital Marketing course is a good-value course for new or existing affiliate marketeers. The course does not however specifically cover affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is our number one choice for Affiliate Marketing training and includes a lot of the digital marketing involved in the Udemy course (if not all). Check out why we recommend it here.

12 thoughts on “Udemy Complete Digital Marketing Online Course

  1. Udemy is a great platform to learn and gain knowledge. Left to me, it still remains one of the very best platforms to gain knowledge. For anyone who wishes to get the right amount of knowledge on affiliate marketing, getting attached to udeny will always create the way for it. The course seems very comprehensive and I feel that I can learn quite well here. Thank you

    1. Thank you Rodger,. really appreciate your comments.

      Very nice to hear from someone that has also had good dealings with the Udemy courses

  2. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. I wanted to give this course a try but honestly, I was suspicious. It is great I stumbled upon your article because you explained everything in detail. I like it is not expensive compared to its features. Affiliate marketing is one of the things I always wanted to learn.

    1. The course is certainly worth a try for the discounted price. There is no need to be really suspicious because you are getting almost 24 hours of material on a one-off cost basis. Udemy is not like some of the more dodgy all encompassing training platforms that offer anything from dog training to cooking, such as Skill Share or Skill Success.. Udemy charges per course rather than a monthly subscription. 

  3. It is certainly a tough assignment to find a reliable course that can actually walk you through the seemingly intricacies of digital marketing. I have had my fair share of ripoffs and negative experiences, but the udemy digital marketing course does look somewhat promising. Though it’ll probably be more helpful if it focused primarily on affiliate marketing. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you Rhian.

      You are of course correct that is a tough assignment, because the topic of Digital Marketing is so vast. To be fair almost 24 hours of quality video content for the discount price is just too good  value not to recommend.

      Unfortunately it does not cover affiliate marketing, where we would recommend the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

  4. Hello there,thanks allot for sharing this awesome article I know it would be of great help to the public as it has been of help to me.I have been planning on getting into digital marketing but I need to have a full background study on it.

    I have heard a lot about Udemy but I have just been look for really positive response on their services and I think I would try them out….hope they work for me.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments.

      Good luck with your training, I think you have made a wise choice.

  5. The price of the digital marketing course may be a bit high, but considering that it is an affiliate marketing course covering most of the digital marketing topics it may be worth possessing. I have found that the quality of videos in Udemy is excellent. I have gone through some of the courses in Udemy and the digital marketing courses are really good. The traffic training’s are very useful as you get a complete understanding of any particular traffic method.

    I am still skeptical about the usefulness of this course for a beginner who wants to do affiliate marketing. I would prefer a simplified course with actionable basics and then taking you through advanced strategies. Udemy courses are good for a little experienced marketers who want to learn new skills.

    1. Thank you for comments.

      This is more an all inclusive course from start to finish on digital marketing. It covers a lot of detail, but does not specialise in affiliate marketing. I understand your scepticism but I actually do believe it is good for beginners of digital marketing, because it includes the basics of introducing digital marketing and creating your own web presence etc.

      Good to hear from a fellow Udemy fan who has had good experiences with the platform.

  6. While the Udemy Complete Digital Marketing course seems decently legitimate from your write up my hesitation would be not having any connection with mentors for the long-term.

    I’ve looked into Udemy several times over the past few years for a variety of different courses but, never for digital marketing or affiliate marketing.  

    I think it’s a great pro to have lifetime access to courses you’ve purchased but, upon checking out the sites many offerings I was leaning more to something that would be timeless like a Qi Gong course from someone who is an authority to me.

    You just made me second think it though when I read your side-note on a con.  The affiliate and digital marketing world are ever-changing but, I suppose some core lessons and techniques will always be, for lack of better terms, grandfathered in.  Plus, as you expressed, this course seems to cover a lot of important territory for someone just starting out.

    I don’t doubt that I’ll try out a course in the future but, I’m still cautious about the price increases after you take a course.  Some of my community has experienced the same price concerns which made me think even harder about that first course choice. 

    1. Thank you for your comments

      I agree with your concerns about the price increase after the initial course, but I have noted that several people seem to get around this by simply creating a new account. Not ideal!

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